The Champ is home! Lewis Champion returns to the Rockets!

Lewis has been at the top of British basketball for over ten years, logging time in the NBL D1 and the BBL during his pro career. Having started out with the Rockets at 18 years old back in 2011/12, he picked up eight appearances for Great Britain U20s during his first stint with the club as he blossomed into the effective point guard he is today.

The 6’1” guard spent three years with the Rockets back then, learning how to leverage his ball-handling and passing talents into productive creation for his teammates before moving on to Northumbria University from 2014 to 2018. His talent was always clear to see, but his time in Northumbria competing in the NBL D1 saw him erupt into a dynamic scoring and facilitating guard. His 2015/16 season was the pick of the bunch, as he averaged 18PPG with over four assists and fantastic efficiency, including an astonishing 41% from three which he managed to replicate the following year too. 

After great success with both the Rockets and Northumbria in the NBL, Lewis earned a move up to the BBL with the Bristol Flyers for the 2018/19 season and was faced with a new role on a talented professional roster. By his second year with the team he had clearly found his feet, averaging over four assists for the third time in his career while playing 30 minutes a night. His passing in the pick and roll allowed his forwards and centers to find open lanes to the basket even against well-drilled defenses in the BBL. A particular staple of his is the pocket bounce pass, where he gets the ball to cutters by splitting the defense with a well-placed bounce – expect Meshack Lufile, Sam Toluwase and Leome Francis to be key beneficiaries of this when Lewis gets an opportunity to attack the pick and roll. Listed as a left-hander but able to dribble and pass off both, Lewis can control the half-court offense with solid passing while also offering a scoring threat both from three and inside the paint.

Lewis brings yet another veteran presence to a team who are ready to win this season, and his impact as a well-rounded and cool-headed guard will be enormous for the squad. After playing last year back in the NBL D1 with the Thames Valley Cavaliers, Lewis is excited to move back over to the team where his career began. He said he “can’t wait to the see the fans and all the familiar faces” when he suits up for the Rockets this year, and we can certainly say that the feeling is mutual. Look out for Lewis in the number 7 jersey this year, and get ready for an exciting homecoming season!