sports & educational foundation

Thank you for taking the time to read about our Foundation. The RSEF is close to all of our hearts and serves an incredibly important element of our community-Youth Sport. In a continually challenging environment youth sport is our way of keeping faith and contact for the future for many young people.

To describe a charity or a foundation has become something of an art form over the years, and to describe the work of a community based programme that delivers projects to some of the most hard to reach young people and also creates opportunities for the same young people throughout their youth is not an easy thing to do either!

Since the Rockets basketball club formed in 1997 the family mission was to create something across the community that had life changing opportunities for anyone and everyone.

The mission has not changed, in fact many of the faces have not changed, and the warmth and passion that started the flame flickering burns as brightly today but in the hearts of many more than just one family as it started many years ago.

To create change in young peoples lives really does take an entire village. The ‘village’ in this case is financial stability, preparation for a brighter future, opportunities for accessible and sustainable activities and a life long commitment to just ‘being there’.

The RSEF was created originally to help find a vehicle where sport and activity can help form an enjoyable habit that will be a comfortable partner for every young person and allow them to socialise with other young people and create healthy bonds with others for a longer period of time.

From initially small beginnings the RSEF (Charity)has now taken responsibility for many of the community outreach projects (Community), has claimed responsibility for fund raising for the outlet for more able players (Club) and has created a pathway that aims to never say no to any young person wanting to be involved in a sport that has such wonderful global role models and that has catalysed many a community across the world.

The RSEF stands now as a pathway that can support young people from their initial introduction to the sport (community outreach programmes) through to their next step(s) along the way.

We are incredibly proud of how embedded the Foundation has become around the entire culture of the sport in our area and even more excited about the future potential of a well resourced and well managed Charity.