The Academy

Founded in 2013, in partnership with John Madejski Academy, our elite basketball programme allows exceptional basketball players to refine their skills, benefiting from professional level coaching, while continuing with their academic studies. It offers promising basketball students the chance to improve technically, tactically, physically and mentally.

JMA Academy

To join our Elite basketball programme players must demonstrate outstanding basketball skills and commitment to their academic studies as well as their sport.

We also welcome exceptional basketball players to join us from other schools from as early as Year 6. To be considered players should be at club level, National League standard or be recognised at their own school as gifted and talented. Our coaches will go out to visit promising candidates at their current school or club to assess their ability and offer advice and guidance.

Players can join the Academy up to Year 10 or in Years 12, 13 or 14. We prefer not to accept new students during Year 11 to avoid disrupting their GCSE studies.

On Court

Our elite basketball programme is designed to provide extra support and opportunities to young basketball players who show promise and commitment to their sport. We ensure the students receive the very best coaching and training for their age and stage.

Our Elite Boys compete in the prestigious EABL (Elite Academies Basketball League) where only the top 16 Academies in the country are represented. Our girls team plays in the WEABL Competition and is growing its reputation each year.

The programme allows them to develop their skills and techniques during and outside school hours, while making sure they continue to progress well academically. This gives them a great start on the road to becoming a dedicated and focused athlete.

John Madejski Academy is now the only school in Berkshire with an elite basketball programme for students across all year groups.

To be considered for the programme students must already be recognised as exceptional players within their own year group, with the potential to go to a high level. If they are already studying at JMA they will be members of the Rockets programme.

Spending time with players from Reading Rockets also gives them an insight into the life of a full-time professional basketball player.

Off Court
As a specialist sport Academy, we have very high expectations of our elite basketball students, in the classroom as well as on the court.

We review their all-round performance every six weeks. This includes a formal review from the players’ club and school coaches as well as seeking feedback from their teachers. When we spot that a student is slipping behind in any area we do our best to provide the additional support they need.

We also expect elite basketball students to have an exceptional attendance record and to display a positive attitude around the Academy, including towards staff and other students.

Two pathways
Level 3 pathway – A level and L3 BTECs
Level 2 Bridging Pathway – L2 BTEC/GCSE Resits
Coaching Opportunities
AASE programme


More information on Tours can be found by contacting one of our team members

What The Academy Can Offer
  • Professional Environment in WEABL and EABL
  • Competition for Boys and Girls
  • Highly Qualified National Team Choaches
  • Overseas trips each year
  • USA and European Links
  • Sports specific strength and conditioning
  • mentoring and 1 on 1 supoort
  • video analysis and player development programmes

JMA Home Court

A hardwood court on campus with multiple hoops is available for our athletes to refine their skills


Re-built in 2021, our new first class gymnasium has everything needed for compound and functional training 

School Campus

JMA campus is found in Whitley, close to Reading Town center and a short walk  to our student athelte accomodation. 

Overseas Tours

Compete againt international competiton with the JMA Academy team on tours to Spain. A great chance for exposure and to experience touring with a basketball team


  • Annual Trip to Spain
  • 2 weeks of basketball and cultural experiences
  • Play agasit rival Academy teams
  • Exposure to european teams and contacts
  • Days off allow for cultural tours of the region
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