Mr. Muscle Leome is back for a 3rd season

With over ten years playing across the NBL under his belt, Leome Francis enters his third season with the Rockets as an experienced veteran with plenty to offer the team. Coming off the back of knee surgery, Leome is ready to assert himself this season as a powerful force around the rim.

Standing at 6’5”, Leome still manages to play above his size thanks to his power and tenacity on the court. His frame allows him to carve out space in the post, shrugging off defenders who are often too weak to compete with the British power forward. His strength is such an impressive asset that he even featured in a workout video for PureGym’s Youtube channel!

Although his rebounding and scoring abilities are certainly rooted in his physicality, you don’t manage to put up 13.5PPG on over 50% from the field as Leome has done during his two seasons in Reading without excellent touch around the rim. Leome manages to capitalize on his athleticism while still utilizing smooth footwork and finishing, and has developed a number of reliable spin moves and step-throughs to keep defenders on their heels. One of his best assets is that he produces points without taking away opportunities from teammates, snatching offensive rebounds, and forcing fouls from desperate defenders for free throws.

Leome’s talents are a perfect complement to the number of outside threats the Rockets have on the roster. His frame and explosive power make him an inside threat who can score when given space down low, while also giving him the great potential to make plays defensively. With him in the lineup, Coach Pearson can put out high-scoring offensive lineups with Leome as a two-way piece ready to contribute on both ends.

We can’t wait to see Leome fully recovered and ready to get back on the court. He’s clearly developed winning habits since he joined the team, having taken home £76,000 after an appearance on BBC gameshow The Wheel in November 2020. Here’s hoping he keeps them up as he steps out for year three as the Rockets’ number 12!