High-flying Ronnie is promoted to the Division 1 men

Bringing youthful dynamism to the squad is Ronnie Oguekwe who, after three years with the youth teams, is ready to make the jump to the senior squad this year. In limited minutes for the men’s team last season he showed the skill and energy he can offer to the Rockets as he continues to develop this year.

Ronnie stands at 6’6” already with plenty of potential to grow even more as he gets older. Born in Ireland in 2003, he’s starred at international youth level with the Irish national team during his young career and made a name for himself with dynamic play and regular highlight dunks. His athleticism allowed him to dominate the paint at youth level, feasting on offensive rebounds and putting up second-chance points almost at will. As he settles into senior play and continues to put on size, he projects to be a powerful play finisher with great work rate on both ends of the floor. 

With the opportunity to learn from veteran forwards on the roster, Ronnie could take a big leap this season as he rounds out his game and develops physically. He’s shown an ability to carve out tough shots around the paint with a polished spin move and the patience to finish with defenders nearby. As he adjusts to the senior level, he could easily become a key option rolling to the rim with the solid playmaking guards who the Rockets have at their disposal.

There are promising signs that he could become a serious perimeter threat too, with a strong first step that allows him to effectively attack soft closeouts and glimpses of shooting that will only improve when training alongside the seniors. Coach Pearson hailed him as “an incredible young athlete” with exciting potential, and we can expect to see him contributing more and more as the year goes on. The only way is up for Ronnie, and we can’t wait to see him grow as he takes flight in the number 10 jersey this season!